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Coin Economics

The PHA coin, originating from Phaeton, is regulated by DPoS and ensures guaranteed returns on investments. The market cap increases as per the market demand without compromising the assets of the stakeholders.

Phaeton blockchain does not block rewards for delegates that earn only through transaction fees. The reward distribution will be:
Delegates - 70%
Voters - 30%

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Development activity

Phaeton stands solidly behind an improvement first approach. Our developing group of specialists is focused on conveying top notch code throughout each and every day

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Our Leader

Phaeton Blockchain is guided by the footprints of Chai Shepherd, who hails from a solid technical background. As an early cryptocurrency investor, Chai gained relevant experience by establishing strong business connections across the globe. Chai has envisioned Phaeton Blockchain to become one of the most secure and fastest modes for peer-to-peer transactions of cryptocurrencies.

In addition to it, he heads the operations of multiple technology companies, which is focused on building a digital ecosystem that facilitates digital transactions faster than traditional payment methods.

Chai Shepherd
CEO and co-founder