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Phaeton Blockchain

Phaeton has a decentralised ledger system with a 1GB block size (potential of one million transactions) and one-second creation time.

Phaeton Core

Phaeton Core is a single-sign-on platform with multi-factor authentication and biometric identity validation for smart contracts, KYC and cosignatory transaction authorisation. This application is also linked with Phaeton Smart Card.

Phaeton Smart Card

Phaeton Smart Card is a biometrically secured device serving multiple functions, including ID authentication, multi-currency banking, and hard-wallet storage for cryptocurrencies.

Phaeton Coins

Phaeton has issued 500 million pre-mined approved Phaeton Coins (PHAE), with approximately 250 million in circulation and the balance of 250 million reserved and stored for incubation projects and growth of the business.

Phaeton Sidechains

Phaeton’s Sidechain model is designed to allow client projects to create a sidechain on the Phaeton Blockchain.

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Meet our team

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Ron Forlee

Chief Executive Officer
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Damian Robson

Chief Operating Officer
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Chai Shepherd

Chief Technical Officer
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Jeremy Wolfe

Chief Financial Officer
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Georgia Thomas

Non-executive Director