Phaeton hub

Why Phaeton?


Process a high number of transactions without experiencing network congestion.


Be in a secured environment powered by the delegated proof of stake consensus algorithm.


Create your own Blockchain using sidechains and enjoy interoperability with the main chain.


Be a part of the global public ecosystem of the Phaeton Blockchain .

Side chains

Develop your own custom side chain or leverage one for enhanced performance.


Development of Dapps on Phaeton is extremely easy as it is done in JavaScript.

  • Public Blockchain

    Built with robustness and tuned to perform, the Phaeton platform offers an unparalleled public ecosystem which gives you access to a global market.
  • Sidechain

    Isolated ledgers for running Independent Dapps, providing scalability, customization and escape from high network fee

Coin Economics

PHAE, is the native coin of Phaeton Blockchain that facilitates the decentralise financial interaction within the Phaeton Blockchain ecosystem. The PHAE Coin is governed by the validators or the community who are part of the DPoS consensus.

The market capitalization of PHAE Coins is void of any external influence and is directly dependent on Supply & Demand. Holding PHAE Coins, allows you to participate in the platform’s governance, making it a decentralise environment.

Block rewards are awarded to Delegates selected via DPoS consensus algorithm for validating new Blocks on the Blockchain and for maintaining the security of the network. The rewards are distributed among the delegates and voters for maintain the ledger of the Blockchain.

Buy PHAE Coin

Phaeton Blockchain requires it’s native coin to be used to for the transaction fee when a transaction occurs on the Blockchain, this includes all independent Sidechain Applications deployed on Phaeton Blockchain platform.

To participate as a delegate, you must hold PHAE Coins within your wallet to earn staking reward upon each Block successful transfer.

Development Activity

The team behind Phaeton Blockchain are passionate real people driven to succeed and who take pride in the quality of the work and code that is delivered on the Blockchain. We follow an improvement-first approach according to which, each and every line of code goes through a group of Blockchain Developers specialist. This results in delivering and maintaining a robust ecosystem .

Chai Shepherd
CTO and co-founder

Phaeton Blockchain Guru

The vision and realization of Phaeton Blockchain as a true market disrupter is through the leadership of Chai Shepherd. As Co-Founder and Head of Technology, Chai is driven to ensure this Blockchain platform is robust and designed to adopt to technology changes now and into the future.

Through his experience and leadership, Chai leads a team of technology experts and developers to provide a future-ready Blockchain solution that combats the shortcoming of current Blockchain platforms such as scalability and interoperability.