Build full-scale blockchain applications with Phaeton SDK
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const{ Application, genesisBlockDevnet } = require('phaeton-sdk');
const MyTransaction = require('./transactions/MyTransaction');
const app = new Application(genesisBlockDevnet);



.then(() =>'App started...'))
.catch(error => {
console.error('Faced error in application', error); });


Phaeton Packages

Phaeton Elements/Validator

Add custom functionalities to a blockchain network using Phaeton JavaScript library. Phaeton Validator is a library of separately installable npm packages, each covering a different functionality.

Phaeton Hub/Commander

Establish real-time communications to carry out different functions using remote or local node. Phaeton commander is a command line tool that provides an efficient way of coding for a hassle-free development process.

Phaeton Framework

Establish and manage interactions between Phaeton blockchain modules. Phaeton framework provides a consistent and intuitive interface between blockchain modules and components.

Documentation Guides

System Dependencies

Hello World Tutorial

SDK Configuration